Edsels of England

Thanks to Alison Organ, from Cheltenham, England, we are pleased to present this feature on the Edsels of England. Alison says that she has more photos to send once she verifies some of the information about the cars. If you are outside of the US and know of one or more Edsels in your country, send us some photos and information and we will feature the Edsels of your nation!

1958 Pacer 2 Door Hardtop owned by Paul Wilson of Brentford in Middlesex. Built at the San Jose plant, it was imported to England from California in 1990.

This 1959 4 Door Ranger sedan belongs to Roy Emsden, of Woolwich in London. It has a 361 Cu.in. motor and has had a Continental spare added. It was used in an advertisement in the US and the owner has a book from America with the car featured in it.

This 1958 Pacer 4 Door Hardtop owned by Gary Cooper of Newquay in Cornwall, has fender skirts and is a good example of its type.

Harry Thomas of Cleethorpes owns this 1959 4 Door Ranger sedan. It was in a sorry state when he bought it and was for sale as a parts car. It is now in fine order.

This 1959 belongs to Alison, herself. Built November 14, 1958, it is a 6 cylinder delete option car, but it has a 2 speed automatic, two hooded mirrors, and electric wipers. Alison purchased the car in September '98 from Dewey, Arizona. This photo was made at an American diner in the Midlands.

These 1958 Edsels were at a show called Rally of the Giants, a yearly event for classic American vehicles up to 1959. Taken in 1998, this photo shows, left to right, the 58 4 Door of Gary Cooper; 1958 Bermuda originally from Hawaii, which has just been sold and is leaving England; a chopped 58 hardtop, originally from Texas, now in London; and a 58 Villager, which was a raffle prize at this rally a few years before, and now lives in Scotland.

This is the International Edsel Club stand at Stockton on Tees in 1999. The 58 Pacer 2 Door HT has a continental spare. The 60 2 Door Ranger was the first of its year model to be imported to the UK. The 59 2 door sedan in yellow and white had been stored for many years before coming here. These cars belong to Eddie and Sandra Clarkson of Stockton on Tees. The other 59 belongs to Alison, see the larger photo above. To attend this show, Alison says, we towed an Edsel caravan 600 miles. Note the Edsel club flags and bunting.

This is a remote-controlled toy Edsel. It has "Empire Made" on the base, which is what used to be on toys made in Hong Kong in the 50's and 60's. But where the Edsel scripts should be is the word "Ideal". They obviously couldn't get permission to use Edsel. It runs on two batteries and it's lights are lit by torch (flashlight) bulbs. Alison adds, I would love to know more about it but I don't know who to ask. Anyone know any more about this toy??

Thanks Alison, for these photos!

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