National Edsel Archives and Museum

Welcome to the National Edsel Archives and Museum, the nation's largest repository of Edsel-related items and documents. We hope that you will visit often, as we are constantly adding new acquisitions to the Archive's collection. Please choose from the following exhibits:

[Edsel Historical Documents]

[Edsel Prototypes and Designs]

[Edsel Fabrics]

[Edsel Toys - Vintage] [Edsel Toys - Recent]

[Edsel Promos ] [Edsel Ads ]

[Edsel Division Publications and Edsel Magazines]

[Edsel Parts and Accessories] [Edsel Miscellaneous]

Also visit the Edsel Gallery with over 225 Edsels for your enjoyment!

Strict security is required for these national Edsel treasures, so an armed guard is posted around the clock.