The Edsel Affair

Thanks to David Fleischer, here are photos from "The Edsel Affair" held in
Reno, Nevada on October 5-7, 2000. If you have photos to share, e-mail us!

Bermuda owned by Bob Beyer of California

Steve Johnson, Edsel Affair Cordinator's 58 Ranger 4 door hardtop

A ranger hot rod for sale

Mike Frankovich's newly aquired 60 2 door ht

A 58 2 door corsair owned by Woody Welcher. Engine has never been started since $40,000+ ground up restoration

Above is a caravan to the National Auto Museum, The convertible is from Oregon and the blue Pacer is a Canadian built model owned by Gerry Smith

Dave Gilbert's beautiful original Citation convertible from CA

A gorgeous red Citation convertible owned by an equally gorgeous Cindy Savage

A very clean, quiet running spruce green Ranger owned by a local Reno lady named Shirley

This car eventually developed a short in the voltage regulator, causing a fire

This is an all black Citation from Cour d'Alene Idaho. It is a total body off restoration

This is a gold Citation owned by Ted Downer of CA. Less than a year ago, this car was a hopeless piece of rusted scrap metal. Over $20,000 later, here is the results.

A neat model collection courtesy of Mike Cowles. Note Villager wagon which was made from a 57 Ford wagon.

A factory air conditioned Bermuda

A 59 in a super rare velvet maroon color

This is a freshly restored ice green 4 door hardtop Ranger from CA

Sharp gold 2 door Corsair from CA

A police car owned by Marcel Jojola from Bear Valley CA

Moonrise grey Ranger driven by TEC president Robert Mayer. The car was driven all the way from Florida. Took five days to get to Reno

This is the white/copper Citation that was pictured in the Wagon Wheel Restuarant web page. It was being offered for sale for $7,000