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Undoubtedly the most controversial feature of the new EDSEL was the shield, or "horse collar" grille. Designed to be instantly recognizable as an EDSEL from a distance of several blocks, the grille was said, by some, to resemble a toilet seat and made the car look like "an Olds sucking a lemon".

Total 1958 production: 63,110

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Edsel designers restyled the grille for 1959. The basic shape remained the same, however, it was softened significantly to make it more acceptable to buyers. Other troublesome features of the car, such as the Tele-touch transmission, were also scrapped for the new model year.

Total 1959 production: 44,891

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By the debut of the 1960 model, the horse collar was gone and all that remained of the original shield design was a small emblem in the center of the grille. The last EDSEL came off the assembly line on November 19, 1959, as Ford announced that they were discontinuing the car. This shortened production run makes the '60 models among the rarest of EDSELs.

Total 1960 production: 2,846

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