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New page about MEL Edsel dealers

Edsel recognized among the World's Greatest Cars (finally!)
Edsel Pencil Drawing
Another Edsel pencil drawing
Edsel Photo for sale (click the image for larger version)
Article about Louisville Assembly Plant, birthplace of most Edsels
That Assembly Plant builds more than fast Fords
More on the Louisville Plant
59 Edsel on a German page
Jeffrey Sward's Tribute to the 1958 Edsel
Check out a ton of Edsel photos at Webshots
An Edsel can be seen briefly in this vintage film about an atomic evacuation in Portland (see the next link, too)
Part 1 of the film above, if you are really interested
Rebuilt Edsel distributors
Mentions Richard Krafve, General Manager of Edsel Division
Page about the Comet's Edsel origins
Discusses the Edsel vs. The Mustang
Ford's Fearsome FE
Coral Bermuda model on a German page
Views of a 58 Citation
Consumer Reports bad-mouths the Edsel
Brazilian page with neat color charts
The 99W Drive-In in Oregon has old car nights
An East Ohio Cool Car
German page with the Road Legends diecast Edsel
This Edsel has seen better days
100 Years of Ford
Ship your Edsel?
A '54 Edsel ?
'59 Ranger in Sweden (at bottom)
Draggin' Edsel
Look for the Union Label
Pacer convertible in some foreign country
Another foreign Edsel page


The Edsel.Net Bookstore

Click to Buy! Edsel 1957-1960 The Mayberry Edsel
Ford Christmas Books
Edsel Dealer Locator
Order Edsel Movies
The Edsel Drive-in - See Edsel Videos!
The Edsel Gallery - over 225 Edsels!
The National Edsel Archives & Museum - View Edsel artifacts!


Everlasting Edsel
News Story about an Edsel Mechanic
Lemongrove...the world's largest collection of Edsels
The Edsel
The Naming of the Edsel
The Evolution of the Edsel Grille
Original matches from Bob Smith Edsel, New Port Beach, CA.
Original business card from R.M. Schaffer Edsel Sales, Millersburg, PA.
Edsels that never were...59 Mercury bodied Edsel and 1960 "Comet" Edsel
...and a 1960 Edsel prototype.
Another 1960 Prototype
CNN story about the Edsel, including an Edsel morph...
...or just the morph, transforming a 58 Edsel to a modern SUV!
Turning a Silk Purse into a Sow's Ear
Edsels Celebrated in Las Vegas
Ever seen an "off-road" Edsel?
Original Edsel Documents
Edsel History from Ford of Canada
The 2000 Edsel?
News story about original 1959 Edsel owners in N.C.
Ford Historic dates and Events
History Channel mentions E-Day
History Channel mentions the naming of the Edsel
An Edsel Police Car
UK page with Edsel info
Cole Hersee made the switches for the Edsel dash - see the bottom of this page
Scholarly and Critical Writing on the Edsel
Failure Magazine examines the history of the Edsel
Former Edsel dealership known as "The Last Edsel Dealer"
Page on 1960 Comets mentions an Edsel heritage
Athens, Georgia newspaper article about the 2001 IEC meet in Chattanooga, TN
Ford dealer has an Edsel in his museum
Mel Blanc's Edsel
'58 Edsel Ads
'59 Edsel Ads
Concise history of the Edsel


Mike Williams' Page
The Story of an Edsel Ranchero
Tim's Edsel Emporium
Alan's Edsel Page
Here's a pic of an Edsel pickup!
Some Edsel photos from G. McDowell's Homepage
Dan Crossman's Edsel Page (Tin toys)
Bob Ellsworth's "Edsel Pages"
Solomon's Collectable Cars
The Wonderful Ford Edsel
59-edsel's eBay Page
58 Edsel Convertible Restored by Ace Auto Restorations in Plainview, NY
59 Edsel Ambulance Restored by them, too...
Matt Osborne's Edsel page
Page with a couple Edsel photos
Mark Jones' webpage, including his Edsel
Ronald Ball's Pacer on the "LOVEFORDS" site
Robert Rae's Edsel page
Ed's Edsel Restoration page
John's Edsel Web Page
Knudsen family Edsel


Edsels in Sweden
From a Car Club in the Netherlands

An Edsel on a Pontiac webpage in Sweden
A French page with photos of the Franklin Mint Edsel
Car Show in Belgium with a Villager wagon
A page in Swedish with something about the Edsel
German Edsel page
Foreign page with a 59 Ranger (not a Pacer as listed)
A model page from Finland with the AMT Edsel
Swedish page with a few Edsel photos on the 15th row and at the very bottom
Page with Edsels from Finland
An Edsel page from Argentina
Edsel domain from the Netherlands
German Edsel page
Pacer Convertible from Sweden
59 Villager on a page from Finland
Foreign page with a 58 Villager
Finnish page with a Pacer convertible
French page with a modified 59
Another foreign page about Edsel
Brazilian page mentions Edsel
An Edsel on this foreign page
Swedish page with Edsel and matching camper
Swedish page with 59 Villager wagon
An Edsel on this page from Australia
Page from Norway with Edsel photos
Russian page with an Edsel
German Edsel photo
Edsel page from the Netherlands
Foreign photo of a Citation
German Page
Cuban old cars, including Edsel
Another Cuban Edsel
Promo for a PBS show on Cuban cars
Foreign Edsel Page


An invitationto join THE EDSEL CLUB
...and Edsel World News from The Edsel Club
International Edsel Club
The Edsel Owner's Club
OregonChapter EOC
GreatAutos Car Club
Utopian Turtletop Club (an online Edsel Club)

Southlanders Edsel Owners Club
Utopian Turtletop Club Part 2 - go here to see more photos of the McAuley Motors E-day Event
Newfoundland Antique and Classic Car Club - several members' cars are Edsels.
New England Chapter EOC at
Southeastern Chapter IEC at
Edsels and other MEL products in the MEL Club of Europe
The Edsel Club, Inc.
California-Nevada Edsel Group
Washington Edsel Club
Illinois Edsel Chapter IEC
Road Legends Cruisers club has 2 Edsels


The World's Last Edsel Dealer
But Dad...I really wanted an Edsel.Springs 'n Things...for your Edsel
Mac's Antique Auto Parts
Seat Covers and Carpeting
Wide white walls
Dennis Carpenter Reproductions
Shop Manuals
Reproduction decals
Radio Repairs
Seat belts
Trunk mats
Parts from a Canadian Source
Buy Edsel Parts
Body parts
Edsel Locks
Edsel brakes
Edsel Values
Buy Edsel fender skirts
Source for Edsel Shop and Owner's manuals
This place may have Edsel mechanical parts
Just Dashes also does Edsel door panels
Carpet for your Edsel


Clarence Young Autohobby (Promo models)
Collectible Model Car Kits...including a couple of 60 Edsels.
Get a Copy of The Edsel Show!
Order Brooklin Edsels
Buy an Edsel T-shirt
Order an Edsel Cap (search for Edsel)
How about some 58 Edsel Desk Accessories?
Danbury Mint Bermuda wagon
An Edsel Slot Car
Dan Crossman's Tin Toy Edsels
New & Old Edsel models and promos - Edsel images available for purchase
Order Neat Edsel T-shirts
Some Edsel literature
Auto literature, search on Edsel
From Finland, this toy page has a photo of a toy Edsel
AMT model made into a slotcar
Video starring Edsel
Detail parts for your Edsel model
Page about Edsel Promos
Restore that old Promo with parts from Modelhaus
Brooklin models page
Page about Edsel models
This Anguplas product sheet shows a couple of Edsel models
Some Edsel model decals
Edsel MicroMachines
AMT Edsel street machine
Edsel dragster model
List of HO Scale Edsel cars
Edsel funny car model
Review of the AMT model kit
Somebody's messing up a good AMT model


Photos Submitted by our Visitors
Roy Brown's "EDSEL '96"
A Citation,Corsair,Pacer,Ranger and Villager
Edsel at Charlotte Motor Speedway
An Edsel Retractable
An Edsel Graveyard
Franklin Mint Edsel
See the Mystery Edsels
Edsels Found! From our Visitors
Edsel at the North Carolina Transportation Museum
Photos from the Edsels in Las Vegas event
Some photos of that '58 Cop Car


Barnes& In Association with


Edsel Ford's home virtual tour
Edsel's 1901 letter to Santa
Edsel & Henry on the cover of Life magazine (1937)
Edsel Ford's Grave
Edsel's Special car
Edsel, Kentucky...where Edsel Division's 1957 Christmas cards were postmarked
Story about Edsel, Kentucky's brush with fame
Edsel Ford and the Lincoln Continental


How to Build a Lemon
Another writer blasphemes the name of Edsel...can't they come up with something original?
Recycling is one thing, but...are those really Edsel horsecollars on that Superbee?!

Compares the Edsel to this stupid idea!
Peggy what if I bought an Edsel?
Another Edsel Insult
TIME Magazine ranks Edsel among the 100 Worst Ideas of the 20th Century!
Another Edsel reference...
Edsel a four-letter word?
This page about the song "Cars" uses the Edsel name in a derogatory manner
Edsel used as a metaphor for failure - again
Page about ugly cars...guess what's included
Edsel in the Marketing Hall of Shame?
Macintosh compared to Edsel


Current Louisville operations
Check out Ford's website
100 Years of Ford (didn't see the Edsel mentioned, though)
Info about the Somerville Ford plant
Edsel in front of former Sommerville plant
Edsels at a show held at the former San Jose plant


Robert McNamara discusses his days at Ford
Foote, Cone & Belding...the Edsel's ad agency...
...and some of their recent work.
Roy Brown...chief designer of the Edsel
Mentions the Edsel dealership in Galveston, TX
Red McCombs was an Edsel dealer

Auto dealer mentions his Edsel history
Another former Edsel dealer
An Oklahoma Edsel dealer
The story of a Utah Edsel dealer
Story about Gayle Warnock's post-Edsel stunts
Website of former Edsel dealership in Johnstown, NY includes a vintage photo of the dealership
This dealership says it started out with Edsel. Can't figure out which dealership though, anyone live in CT?


Some artsy photographs
Abstract Photo of a '59 Edsel
Pentographic Edsel
Concept sketches of a 59 Edsel
Painting of an Edsel
A poster featuring an Edsel
Night photo of a train and Edsel
Pen and ink drawings including Edsel
Some Edsel photos for sale
Edsel painting
Play a clip from the movie "American Grafitti" that shows the Edsel
Edsel Portraits
Artsy Edsel photo
Photo of Pacer Convertible
Very interesting page about "The Edsel Show" and the use of video tape
Watch a great Quicktime clip from the Edsel show's original video tape
Not an ordinary Edsel photo it says


A look at Teletouch
The Ten Commandments
Read says the Batmobile had an Edsel steering wheel!
Timeline of 1957 including, of course, the Edsel
Edsel Math
A 1959 Edsel Postcard on the 'Net
The Ford Corsair Owner's's not what you think!
1958 Edsel Citation Convertible (but labeled as a 1959)
Edsel in Newark
See Edsel Station Wagons at "The Online Home of the Station Wagon"
More Edsel Photos
An Edsel Spaceship ? (click back and then on "Edsel" to see the names of the ships.)

See Ford's trademarks for Edsel
An Edsel Raffle, anybody know who won??
Photo of a Pacer Convertible from Detroit News
Edsels at the Thunderbird Garage (including an Edchero)
Review of The Edsel Grill, a bar in Pittsburgh
This market research firm says that they predicted the failure of the Edsel!
The Pontiac Aztek compared to Edsel? Talk about an ugly vehicle!
A page about Ford part numbers
A few Edsel photos on this page
An Edsel at the Yellow Car Page - "a site dedicated to automobiles painted yellow"
Photo of a '60 Convertible
Another Edsel website was Site of the Week - way to go!
Mel Blanc's Edsel
Lori's Diner in San Francisco has a 59 in one of their restaurants
The Driving Millenium mentions Edsel
This site show what a REAL 1958 Edsel looks like (as opposed to those fake 1958 Edsels)
58 Edsel and other cars in a museum
Photos of a sad-looking Pacer convertible
German page about automotive "Flops"
Photo of a Bermuda
Pacer in the San Diego Auto Museum
Dogs love Edsels
58 Ranger
58 Citation involved in a Coast-to-coast run
59 Ranger in Ohio
A '59 in a Demolition Derby...what a waste!
This sermon mentions the Edsel
A Professor uses the Edsel in an Economics course (go to bottom of page)
Read the 4th story down to find out why you shouldn't leave your dog alone in your '58 Edsel
A few Edsels pictured in this online car show
This page blames Sputnik for killing the Edsel
Article about the world's fastest Edsel
Thankfully this modified Edsel was only done by computer
Edsel and other 50's cars on the AACA website
A couple Edsel photos here
An Edsel at an Orphan car show
A marketing class studies the Edsel
An article about car names mentions the Edsel
Pacer convertible photos
Edsel (and other cars) in Vietnam (1970)
Error in Peggy Sue??
Check out the logo for "Vintage Stupidity"
Some photos of a Demolition Derby Edsel on this page
Photo of an Edsel with this article about Cruisin'
An Edsel at this car show
This appears to have an Edsel for use in some videogame?
Beam me up, Scotty, now I've seen everything!
Couple of Edsel photos on this page
Edsel was the Marque of the Month
Edselero in the second photo down
Newspaper photo of a Pacer
An Edsel at a car show
A couple of Edsel photos
Classic Dashboards
Edsel automotive heraldry
Church sermon using the Edsel

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