The Edsel Drive-In

How many Edsels
 can you spot? How many in the photo on the next page?
Photo of Classic Car Night at the 99W Drive-in in Newberg, Oregon.

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Short History of the Edsel
Edsel Assembly Line And "Okefenokee Interlude"
The Edsel Show
Hugh Leslie's Lemon Grove
Parade of Models from The Edsel Show
Another ad spot from The Edsel Show
1959 Edsel Commercial
Short clip of the 59 Edsel (no sound)
Feel the Thrill of Owning an Edsel
There's Never Been a Car Like the 58 Edsel
The Edsel - Believe It Or Not!
1986 TV Segment Featuring the Edsel
1986 Newscast story that Features Edsels
1998 Meeting of the Blue Ridge Edsel Club (no sound)

1989 Edsel Owner's Club Convention
Nearly 25 minutes of Edsels! Look for 2 Edsel taxis,
an Edsel police car, and an Edsel retractable. (No sound)

West to the Tetons
A 25 minute Edsel commercial disguised as a travel documentary.
Join a perky couple, circa 1957, on their honeymoon (rated G!)
with their trusty Pacer convertible. Produced by the Edsel Division.
The beginning is shown in "Edsel Assembly Line" above.

The Edsel Story
Ford Motor Company film shown to dealers prior
to the public introduction of the Edsel. Gives the reasons
behind the Edsel line and expectations for the Division.

McAuley Motors E-Day
On Saturday, June 10, 2000 McAuley Motors in Merced, California
recreated Edsel Opening Day, complete with green and white balloons
and crepe paper, vintage Edsel artwork, and of course, numerous Edsels.
See video of this historic event!

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